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Fairmont Royal York Hotel - Toronto

Fairmont Royal York Hotel - Toronto

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Bringing Home the Best of Dubai for You to Enjoy!

We did what we know best: Bespoke entertainment & Event design (Fairmont Royal York Hotel)

At this captivating event we worked following the intelligent and visionary ideas of with Raeesa, the mother of the groom. Along with Carole Milic from Fairmount Royal York and staff who's done a tremendous job to help us execute our set-up flawlessly!!

During our consultation Raeesa had mentioned that this was a second event they were hosting and the original one took place in Dubai at Burj Khalifa. Her vision for this event was to showcase the event in Dubai on a big screen at Fairmount (Toronto) while using our dancers in the forefront in a three Dimensional space to re-live the experience.

We listened to all of her ideas and provided some great suggestions to add during the cocktail hour with aesthetically pleasing acrobatic performances indulging the family with live musicians.

This gave us the opportunity to be different and bring uniqueness through the art of dance using multiple acts and our event design expertise. 

From event design such as floor and art direction to multiple dance acts, we turned this evening into a spectacular grand entrance! 

Want to know more about our bespoke entertainment and event design? Book your consultation today at 416-987-2377 and click here for rates.

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