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Gatsby - Bix Co.

Gatsby - Bix Co.

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A Glamorous Night Filled with Lights and Champagne!


Reviving all the luxury and extravagance of the 1920’s, we added the finishing touch to this Gatsby event.

At this event we were hired to embrace this stunning reception with our captivating themed artists!

Our clientele requested two spectacular, live entertainments to awed their guests and we knew exactly what to offer.

For the first show we had a themed aerialist suspended from hoops, serving champagne during the grand opening to their Gatsby styled reception.

As guests entered and were witness of the exquisite combination of aerialist and smart serve, paired with perfectly tailored soundtrack, it truly took their breath away how the characters and theme were brought to life!

As for the second show, the groom wanted to bring the club life in Vegas to his very own event! He wanted to pop ACE OF SPADE bottles in the late hours of the event with our bottle sparkler models that came in to an epic soundtrack, only to bring more energy to the party! 

This definitely took the guests by surprise and as the girls left we had everyone talking about how epic their appearance was! 

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