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Ballet - Grand Entrance (Show Design)

Ballet - Grand Entrance (Show Design)

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Once upon a time there was a Bride known as Arzo, who wanted nothing more than a truly magical evening…

​At this event our Bride “Arzo” wanted to do something from a fairytale, charming and unique for their Grand Entrance, using the softness and delicacy from the aesthetics of her event she wanted to include beautiful ballerinas. She’d always dreamed about being a princess and we made it possible!

During the process for the show design, planning every minute of this was very important, from rehearsals, music direction and coordination, we had to include the bride and groom entrance, photo-session and slow dance followed by fireworks – a totally sparktacular event.

This is one of the shows we created that people now book on the regular - book your custom show design experience and have the event you’ve always dreamed!

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