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The RED carpet experience - Now Available!

Meet the Glambot: your new best friend in creating awesome videos effortlessly! It's like having a Hollywood studio in your pocket, blending cutting-edge tech with pure imagination to capture those fabulous moments and turn them into something truly unforgettable.

Whether you're strutting your stuff at a trade show, rocking the runway at a fashion event, or just throwing a killer corporate bash, the Robot Camera is guaranteed to steal the show and pull in the crowds.

With its top-notch camera and our expert lighting skills, your videos will be so eye-catching they'll stop people mid-scroll! Plus, we make sharing super easy and lightning-fast. And hey, did we mention we can also gather some nifty data for you?

These amazing videos don't just entertain; they also bring fans closer to your brand, making them feel like part of the action. So get ready to boost your brand's visibility and make waves on TikTok and Instagram with content that's tailor-made to make everyone smile, share, and say, "Wow!"


Activations | Red Carpet Events | Weddings | Galas | Night Clubs | Corporate Events | Fashion Shows

Rates vary, call 416-987-2377 for more details or to book your event!

*Travel cost extra if outside the Toronto/GTA



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