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  • How do I setup a meeting for questions about your services?
    You can contact us through the web, phone 416-987-2377 or email
  • How do I pay my retainer/deposit & final payment?
    You can pay retainer/deposit by cash, or credit card using our online link. Simply request the payment method you'd like to make via email/phone and our team will set that up for you!
  • How soon should I book my date?
    Our dates are filing up quickly, we recommend you book with us as soon as you pick your event date.
  • Do you charge for Travel?
    We travel up to 100km round trip from our office location located in Vaughan at no addtional charge. A travel fee will be applied outside of the 100km round trip.
  • How do I check to see if date is avaiable for my event?
    Contact us by phone or email to check for avaibility!
  • Do you have backup equipment?
    Yes, we are a professional company that understands that this is a must for every event. Therefor we have backup equipment as well as backup attendant's
  • Do you offer a multiple booth set-ups?
    Yes ofcourse! We've had 2-5 booths set-up in one night! This gives family and friends of large gatherings the oppurtunity to take photos, gifs, video, greenscreen and boomerangs!
  • Will my photo booth come with a attendant to assits guests?
    All of our photobooths include an atteandant to assist with the use of the photo booths and guests, depending on package.
  • How early do you setup at an event?
    Setup is 1 hour piror to the session start time.
  • Does event start time start when you start setting up?
    No we do not charge for setting up or tearing down equipment.
  • Can I make multiple payments?
    Yes you can, all we require is the retainer at booking and final payment due 1 month prior, if you request to make multiple payments, we can arrange that at no extra charge.
  • Can we customize our photo booth package
    Yes, we can start with basic package and build from there, creating a custom pacakge is perfect for your event.
  • Can I split up my session hours?
    Yes, sessions hours may be split as long as the hours are covered for the booths duration.
  • What if my event cancels due to Covid-19
    If your event cancels due to Covid-19 we are able to post-pone your date up to 1 year.
  • Do you follow Covid-19 Procedures?
    Yes, all of our staff follow all Covid-19 Procedures, masks, santiziaition and keeping 6 feet distance is mandatory. Our booths also have a hands-free option which is activated with a wave of a hand before taking images. We also use digital props vs. physcial props to help prevent the spread! Feel free to reach out anytime to further discuss our saftey mesaurements!
  • Do you offer package pricing for photobooths, floor vinyl and entertainment!"
    Yes ofcourse! We reccomend to book in a consulation for a custom package tailored for your event. We have lots of details to discuss so this step is very important for the planning of a successfull event! Call to book your next appointment at 416-987-2377!
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